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International Thespian Society

Downers Grove North High is apart of the International Thespian Society and is recognized as Troupe 1856. This is an honor society, in which we have many inductees each year. 

What Does the Thespian Society Do?

Other than being an honors society, the Thespian Honors Society also grants access to Illinois Theatre Fest to inducted students. Along with this, students can also apply or audition for the Illinois All-State Musical, held each year. The society also helps to provide workshops and honor student achievement.


How to Earn Points

To join students must meet the criteria of receiving at least 10 points within one school year in two different categories. The categories of points are acting, crew, audience, and business. You can earn these throughout the year working on shows, being apart of theatre, being an usher, being an audience member, etc. Points will be tallied by Ms. Temple and must be submitted in time for the end of the year Thespian Induction.


IIHSTA Website

See How To Get Points For Being in an Audience

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