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The Organ


Oh hi there! I came across some info while doing research on the department and North High's construction while designing this website. Take this page is kind of an easter egg of sorts. Hope this brings you a laugh :)


-Connor Daemicke, Class of 2022 Drama Club Historian


While the Clarence Johnson Auditorium was built in 1955, "The Organ" was installed sometime within North High's 1966 renovation and spanned two years.

This Wurlitzer brand pipe organ surprisingly predates the 1928 construction of North High itself, manufactured in 1927 and originally housed in a theatre in Lima, Ohio.

Installation was documented in the Chicago Area Theater Organ Enthusiasts documentary "When so Few Actually Play". C.A.T.O.E also covered the costs of its arrival and installation. The enthusiast group also manages the continued upkeep of pipe organs throughout the Chicagoland Area.

To house the nearly 2,000 pieces, the auditorium was heavily modified to house mechanics and have two large shutters on house left and right. 

Technical Details
  • Chests: Wurlitzer

  • 10 ranks

  • 742 pipes

  • 2 divisions

  • 3 manuals

Watch the 1966 installation of the organ here!

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